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A Prosperous Illinois

Jobs: As your Senator, I will work hard to represent you and to address the needs of the 18th District and the State of Illinois. As we recover from a year of Covid, it is time to rebuild. Many businesses have closed and many are out of work. Up to 10,000 people a week are filing for unemployment and there is no relief. Ford Motor company just closed in Chicago land leaving thousands without jobs. Unemployment is up to 15% the highest in the nation. We need leadership to keep these jobs in Illinois. I have a plan to protect our jobs!

Public Safety: Recently, Illinois passed laws to make our Police Officers jobs more difficult. Placing targets on their backs and putting their careers at risk, meanwhile protecting dangerous felons putting them back on the street without bail. As your Senator, I will fight for our Police passing legislation, to protect them and their jobs from dangerous social policies. Advocating for more equipment and training to help them. We need to protect our brave Police Officers because they protect us!

Pensions: This state is in 329 billion dollars in pension debt. We are also 54 billion dollars underfunded for retirement health care. While dishonest lawmakers are giving themselves raises and doubling their staff and office budgets union workers and retirees are at risk of a pension collapse and losing their pension and retiree healthcare. Due to a mismanagement in Springfield, Illinois has the worst credit rating in the nation! We need fiscal responsibility and common sense budgeting!

SchoolsAs a former elected school board member I have experience in the needs of our students. As a parent I know the struggles of having our children taught propoganda in our schools. We need to bring back the teaching basics. Addressing the needs of our children so they can learn and they can eventually go to college and becoming functioning members of community! We need programs such as STEM. I will pass legislation to have school choice with vouchers. Providing laptops and tablets free of charge to every single student from kindergarten to college. 

Shanahan McGovern for Faith Family & Freedom
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