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Meet Christine - Mom on a Mission

Rise up! Get involved and change the course of Illinois. We can no longer be silent and allow these disastrous Progressive movements to continue. Life has a way of shifting and changing. I prefer to call it Divine Intervention. I am a mother, a business owner, and am committed to my community where I have lived for almost 25 years. These past 15 months has brought about many obstacles and opened my eyes to the lack of common sense used in making decisions affecting our state. The division that our Government is causing and the deafening silence from our local elected officials has contributed to the failures of Illinois.


The breakdown of our educational system is a great concern. There is a push towards removing the power of local school boards. This divisive new curriculum and sexualization movement of our children should not be mandated in the curriculum. Schools need to be open with inperson learning. Our future leaders need to develop socially, emotionally, mentally and educationally. The ludicrous push to defund our police and the bills that have been voted on is not decreasing crime or keeping our communities safe. The motive is unknown to me, honestly who does not want our communities safe?


There is no accountability for the criminals and this starts from the top down. The path towards removing guns from law abiding citizens is unjust! Our police are not the enemy and why I began Back the Blue and organized the first rally at Columbus Statue. Remember that planned and purposeful attack on our police officers? Remember who had a hotline for the antagonist and criminals who threw bricks and fireworks harming our police to file complaints? Mayor Lightfoot and our Governor along with the elected officials who remained silent have all contributed to the destruction of Chicago.


The shutdown of our economy can never happen again! This was an economic failure. Removing the control of the government and the harsh threats are mandatory steps to keep Capitalism alive. Every business is essential to their livelihood and those of their employees. I am part of re-open Illinois that has been fighting against this tyrannical control. Illinois has a fiscal problem that is causing residents to flee. Taxing has increased, the pension deficit can not be ignored any longer. It is time to have a balanced budget. Illinois residents deserve to live in safe communities. Everyone is essential in God’s eyes no matter how our Governor feels about his farm animals.


This purposeful division needs to end. We are stronger together. I am Christine Shanahan McGovern and I am running for Illinois State Senate in the 18th District. Stand with me in bringing Common Sense back to Illinois. I want to represent you and Illinois by passing legislation to provide better health care to our seniors, veterans and mentally ill. I want to have programs for our youth to take them off the streets meanwhile addressing the drug crisis and my plan with working with law enforcement to finally put an end to the senseless crime that is affecting our communities. Support my mission today!

Shanahan McGovern for Faith Family & Freedom
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