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Volunteer today!

Join Christine today as she helps to take back Illinois. Become a member of her staff. We are looking for interns that would like to earn college credit by learning the process of running a political campaign. Our campaign management team is nationally known and will be willing to offer their skills in training future candidates and strategists. You will learn first hand on how to build a campaign gaining experience to add to your resume with a letter of recommendation!


We are also looking for volunteers to help in our office by answering phones and coordinating our campaign. To obtain petition signatures, phone bank and canvass neighborhoods. The key to winning a campaign is a good team. We will knock on doors throughout the district, hand out campaign literature, and talk  to residents about Christine. You do not need any experience. We will train you on how a campaign is run meanwhile gaining life long experience!


Become a social media ambassador! We are looking for volunteers to help Christine by using their social media to get her message out. If you are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can help Christine by re-posting her campaign posts. It takes literally seconds of your day. Promote her campaign to your friends and family getting them involved as well. The key is to network. Help Christine by volunteering today! Message us on this site using the volunteer button. Thank you!

Rise up for the change that is needed.  


Shanahan McGovern for Faith Family & Freedom
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